Flat Plate Collector

The Flat Plate Collectors runs on the Thermosiphon principle...

The Flat Plate Collectors runs on the Thermosiphon principle wherein the cold water fed into the bottom of the solar panel, gets heated and rises to the top of the panel and into the solar geyser. FPC is the predominant Solar Heating System in the domestic sector in India. Since quality is the main concern, we have focused to upgrade the quality over time. High emphasis has been laid on enhancing the quality of the absorber plate, type of absorbent coating on the plate, glass plate, and the material of the box as well as the thickness of insulation. These factors are most considerable in evaluating the durability and competence of the solar water heating system.

  • The FPC is suitable for subzero temperature to avoid pipe burst.
  • The FPC is made up of pure polyester powder-coated collector box.
  • Inner storage tank made of Tig welded SS 304 grade stainless steel ensures durability.
  • All components are non-corrosive and therefore maintenance free.