Solar Cooking Parabolic Concentrators

KEnergy offers to its clients an exclusive range...

KEnergy offers to its clients an exclusive range of Solar Cooking Parabolic Concentrators. The Solar Cooking Parabolic Systems are designed as per the requirements of the esteemed clients. The diameter of the parabolic dish ranges in between 1.4 meters-2.3 meters. The structure of the dish is kept quiet strong to withstand the wind strokes. The parabolic concentrator is a high quality reflective concave absorber surface with a capacity to serve 15-50 people at a time that makes it compatible for household, hotels, restaurants, non-profit organizations, canteens, hostels and other possible cooking needs.


  • The system saves thousands of rupees on fuel costs.
  • It is environmental friendly.
  • The investment costs get easily recovered.
  • The system installation and processing is cost-effective.